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IT Enabled Services

IT Enabled Services

BPO services are meant to help overseas businesses in their operations with the help of Dedicated Offshore Centers. The importance of KPO services has also been recognized by many companies seeking maximum productivity in a cost effective manner. The range of solutions that are included in these domains are varied and we have teams that can provide professional services. The verticals we offer are as follows:

HR/US Payroll
Employee motivation and engagement is key to the success of every establishment. It is important that they feel valued right from the time they are associated with a Company. From being paid timely to ensuring that they are given ample opportunities to grow in their professional capacities, these involve a high-end HR and Payroll infrastructure. Our expertise lies in helping our clients with customized platforms for managing the aforementioned aspects and much more in a hassle-free manner.

Helpdesk Support
Any small, medium or large enterprise runs on continuity with regards to designing, manufacturing and distributing ideal products and services. However, there are instances in which problems may arise across diverse features. In order to deal with these effectively, we, at DeltaCubes, provide help desk support to our customers. Our solutions work toward timely troubleshooting techniques using the latest technology and ensuring that this takes place in a dynamic milieu. Clients can rest assured that their businesses do not get affected because of any small or large-scale issues with the help of our solutions.

Accounting Services
The financial success of any establishment is based on reducing operating costs and gaining continuous profits. Amongst the lot, accounting services that leverage the rules and regulations laid down by the founders is key. At DeltaCubes, we take great pride in our expertise within this domain. There are many aspects that business owners need to manage, and these solutions are best taken care of by experts who understand the domain like none other. Whether it is an effective billing system, maintaining the invoices or paying the related parties, we have helped many clients in becoming financially viable under any challenging circumstances.

MIS Reporting
The management team of every organization needs to be aware of every activity that takes place on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and yearly basis. This is achieved in the form of a foolproof Management Information System. The system is based on reports that are generated across varied procedures in a business. DeltaCubes has developed such a reporting system that takes into account all the relevant aspects in order to project the accurate picture to the management. Our team is passionate about using the best practices for the same and has helped many clients in their strategic decision making and subsequent growth.

US Recruitment
Overseas businesses are looking for acquiring talent from all around the world. This can be made possible with an apt recruitment services provider. DeltaCubes has tie ups with some of the top HR management teams in the USA. As experienced headhunters, we are able to bridge the gap between talent and prospective employers in an effective manner. There are many clients that have benefitted from our dynamic resource acquisition and management skills.

Supplier Management
Planning, procuring, maintaining and making the full utilization of the relevant supplies is a significant aspect for any businesses. It takes a lot of insight and understanding of the market conditions, quality control measures and mitigating the risks involved in order to accomplish this in the best possible manner. Our team at DeltaCubes has put together a system that enables you to do the same without any hassles. We use proven high-tech solutions to make sure that our clients access and benefit from the best supplier management module that is available in the market.

As one of the most Competent Technology Consulting Firms, DeltaCubes has all the required skills to help you set up your business and run it by lieu of offshore establishments. We aim to make the whole process seamless. Clients can save time and money in every phase of their operations.

Offering customized solutions makes us a BPO Services Company that is ideal for your business needs. You can build your enterprise with the best resources that the market has to offer.