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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Whether it is Native Mobile Applications or Cross-Platform Mobile Applications, we offer technical expertise that transforms ideas to implementations in the marketplace.

Native Android and iOS Mobile Applications
From the initial days of mobile Applications, DeltaCubes has been actively involved in this space across various platforms.

Whether it is building custom mobile applications for clients or developing popular games hosted on Android and iOS marketplace, DeltaCubes is actively pursuing its dominance in the niches. With conferred honors from Google for its dominance in building popular games for Android, DeltaCubes’s team has amassed extensive experience in the field of mobile games and application development.

With a dedicated and experienced Mobile Game Development team, DeltaCubes has acquired extensive insight into the gaming genre as well as the mobile application landscape. We ensure that the best tools in graphics, design and user experience are incorporated into all our initiatives. We have developed and implemented several mobile apps that have enabled companies to become a part of the competitive mobile arena.

Effectual Mobile App Development Services is the key for clients who wish to be leaders in this niche. The download percentage of varied apps and innovative games on mobile phones has increased exponentially over the years. It is important that they are easy to comprehend and a large number of end users find them relatable.

A steady rise in the revenues from applications and games hosted on the mobile marketplaces has made it essential for clients to get their ideas to its audience in a timely manner. DeltaCubes is capable to provide the same to the clients with the following offerings:

  • Native Android Application Development
  • Native iOS Application Development
  • Mobile App UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Mobile App Consultation

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications
With a variety of mobile marketplaces like the popular Android Play Store and iOS App Store, it is ideal for clients to host their applications in all possible avenues so that they have better visibility and consequently, increased downloads. While this is desired, the cost and efforts of developing the applications in each of the native environments may not be the most effective solution.

Cross-Platform mobile application frameworks have evolved over the years and are better suited for certain types of applications that don’t rely heavily on the platform related features.

The Cross-Platform mobile application development frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, etc, offer manageable and cost-effective solutions to build applications with a “Develop Once and Deploy in Multiple Environments” feature. This greatly reduces the efforts in building apps for multiple environments.

Whilst developing apps using a cross mobile app development framework has its advantages, there are a few drawbacks as well. These include the need to update the tool on every update instance of the underlying mobile operating system. Also, the performance of the apps in this environment may be slightly lower when compared to native apps. This aspect is dependent on the nature of the application.

With a thorough understanding of and experience in building Cross-Platform Mobile Applications, DeltaCubes offers effective solutions in the following:

  • Cross Platform Mobile Application Design
  • Cross Platform Mobile Application Development
  • Cross Platform Mobile App UI/UX Design
  • Design of Server Components for a Cross Platform Mobile Application
  • Implementation of Server Components for a Cross Platform Mobile Application

The average end users wish to have continued access to high-end Mobile Applications.
What makes them even better is if they are flexible across platforms. We can accomplish this seamlessly within a short span of time.