DeltaCubes Technology LLC

Service Delivery Management

DeltaCubes offers a strong Service Delivery Management Framework based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) foundation. All key activities of the ITIL components are provided to the business community with the highest efficiency and returns.

It is important that customers are offered a timely service delivery under all circumstances. This can be achieved with systematic IT Service Delivery Management. Our team is known for its expertise in every phase of service delivery. We strive to provide high-end solutions that are perfect for the prevailing market conditions.

We support all activities, plans, and processes an Organization uses to design, deliver and manage Service Delivery for its customers. The services of Information Technology (IT) Consulting firms are based on meeting the diverse needs of the clients. However, the foundation of all such solutions is in using tools that have proven their efficiency in the said realm. We have a team that is equipped to offer time-tested and advanced methods to ensure successful implementations and deliveries.

The key activities that we support are:

  • Request Fulfillment.
  • Incident Management.
  • Problem Management.
  • Event Management.

“Successful service delivery management works on the basis that the customer is a part of the whole process which results in designing solutions built on that philosophy – this is called co-creation”.

Our experience in Service Delivery Management across varied business domains can be the key to your success. You can make the most of our process flow that has been enhanced with the latest tools over time.

Service Delivery Management